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VIDEO: 12-year-old B.C. girl sings in front of thousands at P!nk concert

Talk about an unforgettable moment.

Victoria Anthony of Vancouver was at P!nk’s Saturday night concert at Rogers Arena, but she did a whole lot more than just watch the show.

The 12-year-old spent a lot of time leading up to the show tweeting at P!nk, hoping that she might get the chance to sing alongside her at the show.

Obviously, Anthony’s efforts didn’t go unnoticed and her dream came true on Saturday.

“Are you who I read about on the news,” P!nk says in between songs, as Anthony is standing in the front row. “Do you want to come sing something?”

P!nk gives Anthony some solid advice, saying “don’t pass out now,” before handing the young girl the microphone.

Anthony starts singing the song ‘Perfect,’ which is of course by P!nk, and the crowd immediately erupts into cheers.

She sings beautifully and as a clearly impressed P!nk watches on in awes right in front of her.

“You’re amazing,” P!nk tells her as she takes the microphone back and walks back to the stage.

It’s easy to tell how much the moment meant to Anthony just from her facial expression as she walks back to her screaming family and friends.

The video of the whole ordeal will surely resurface in a number of years when Anthony is making waves as a professional singer herself.

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