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VIDEO: Canadian boaters save moose calf stuck in muddy riverbank

A group of Canadian boaters saved a moose calf’s life this May long weekend while out on the water.

An Alberta man, Kane Savidan, shared video taken by Mark Kluyt, of the wildlife encounter, saying him and his group had just got to their beach spot on the Wapati River when one of them heard the calf.

Savidan writes that the calf was stuck up to his head in mud, and they heard making a “mewing” sound.

“We pulled him out and he couldn't even stand. Eventually he seemed to gain some energy after we cleaned all the mud off his head, because he had it caked all over his eyes and nose,” Savidan says.

“Alberta wildlife officers advised us to leave it there and exit the area, so that's what we did. When we checked in four hours later he was gone. I like to think he found his mom.”

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