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The Faces of Local Cuisine: Vista 18 Restaurant

Authentic, local, and elevated.

That’s what you can expect when you dine at the upscale casual Vista 18 of Chateau Victoria Hotel & Suites.

Their food and beverage manager, Alex Mayrhofer, is an up-and-comer in Victoria’s bountiful and competitive dining scene.

After joining the Vista 18 team as floor manager during the pandemic, his qualifications, professional instincts and approachability quickly moved him up the ladder to become the food and beverage manager, making him responsible for the Chateau’s entire culinary program, including hotel catering, room service and events.

“This has been an industry I've been immersed in from the day I was brought onto this planet,” Mayrhofer explains.

Despite being born in Kamloops, Mayrhofer has been exposed to hotel culture around the globe due to his father's career, which started as a chef before becoming an international hotelier. With a dad from Austria and a mom from China, he feels food has always played a large role in his life, as it has bridged the gap in his multiracial family.

Living in Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia has resulted in Mayrhofer’s ability to elevate Vista 18 for its guests.

“Having the opportunity to live overseas at some five star hotels in Southeast Asia really opened my eyes to what true customer service can be, and what an authentic restaurant experience should be.”

Not only is the service at Vista 18 elevated—the food is, too.

Chef Mike Dunlop has been at the establishment for over 24 years and was involved in the creation of this upscale casual restaurant. He ensures every dish is fresh and the highest of quality.

Born and raised in Esquimalt for the fourth generation, Dunlop is part of a family that has always grown their own food.

Growing up gardening and raising farm animals has been influential in his commitment to using local ingredients for Vista 18.

“We’ve been sourcing locally since before it was cool,” he says.

Vista 18 offers “West Coast cuisine” by using all that is available at their fingertips on the coast – they even grow their own herbs on the 16th and 17th floors of Chateau Victoria.

As part of the vibrant and multicultural culinary scene in Victoria, the restaurant “incorporates all the other ethnic backgrounds using these ingredients,” Dunlop explains.

With Dunlop’s menu and Mayrhofer’s leadership, the restaurant infuses a global approach to the island with a warm and welcoming atmosphere and elevated experience for all.

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