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Innovators in the spotlight: The second annual Okanagan Tech Industry Night

A unique event is capturing the imagination of the tech community and budding engineers alike. The Okanagan Tech Industry Night (OTIN), now in its second year, stands out as a beacon of innovation and opportunity. Unlike traditional industry nights, where the focus might lean heavily towards industry representatives, this event flips the script, shining the spotlight on students and their skills and groundbreaking projects.

At the helm of this transformative experience are four remarkable students from a mix of educational backgrounds, including UBCO and Okanagan University College. Aziz Rackhimov, the chair of OTIN, emphasizes its distinct nature, "It's what it is, an industry night where students meet employers with the ultimate goal of getting jobs. But our event is a bit different than regular industry nights. We invite students to bring their best projects to date and have a booth set up, letting the industry people approach students the other way around."

Alex Ross, the tech lead organizer, adds to the anticipation, outlining the atmosphere of the night, complete with projectors, lights, and catering. The event promises not just to be an exhibition of talent but also an evening of networking and celebration at the Innovation Center in downtown Kelowna.

Thai Santos and Charlotte Ford also shared they have planned the event to ensure a diverse representation of fields. Electrical engineering, mechanical, computer science, civil – all facets of the tech world converge under one roof, providing a comprehensive overview of the emerging talent.

The uniqueness of the event lies in its format. A pitch fest component allows the top five teams to present their projects on stage to the entire audience, providing an unparalleled opportunity for students to showcase their innovations directly to industry professionals.

This initiative not only serves as an opportunity for employers to identify potential future hires as students present their projects, it also acts as a catalyst for their careers. Alex notes, "We're pretty much all ready to head into our careers...after this event, we're going to be very well networked and ready to jump into the industry."

The drive behind these students' dedication to their fields is deeply personal and varied. Aziz, for instance, has always been fascinated by the idea of building something out of nothing, a sentiment echoed by his peers who each have their unique motivations, from a love for working with computers to a passion for understanding how things are built.

As the second annual Okanagan Tech Industry Night draws near, it stands as a testament to the innovative spirit of the next generation of engineers and tech enthusiasts. With over 120 students expected to participate, the event is a vibrant showcase of talent, ambition, and the promise of technology's future.

In the words of Aziz, for those intrigued by the convergence of talent and technology, the Okanagan Tech Industry Night offers a rare glimpse into the future of the tech industry, driven by the passion and innovation of students ready to take on the world.

Employers and those in the tech industry looking to attend can get tickets online:

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